The incredible shrinking price

Reference rate $0.13 or €0.10 per word Minus Next job discount
- 5% -
Memory discount
- up to 60% -

With Transiq, you always know how much your translation will cost beforehand. But then a nice surprise is added at the end in the form of a significant discount. Here’s how it works:

The first time you work with Transiq, your translation is quoted at a specific, already competitive reference or “list” rate, which, for the sake of simplicity, is the same for all language pairs. This is the price you pay when you order your first translation.

But wait, there’s more! Transiq wants you to come back for more translation jobs, and this is how it helps you do that:

- First off, Transiq immediately creates an IQ-point account in your name, and credits it with 5% of the cost of your first translation. This is a money equivalent which you can use to pay for your next translation job.

- Plus, once the translation project is finished, Transiq credits an amount of up to 60% of the original translation cost to your account, depending on the particular characteristics of your translation project (namely, the degree of “repetition”).

For more information about IQ points and Repetition visit our FAQ.

Both the 5% blanket discount and the repetition discounts are applied to each and every job (not just the first one), so your long-term average translation rate can be significantly lower than the reference rates.